'I got a lot more to offer the game than what I had back then,' he tells Mixtape Daily.

Representing: Brooklyn, NY

Mixtape: The 2nd Coming

Real Spit: For those wondering what Papoose has been up to, here is your answer. Mixtape Daily caught up with the Brooklyn wordsmith recently at Gleason's Gym. While the BK institution is where boxers go to train and sharpen their knuckle game, Pap is back with a new mixtape (#24, by his count) that he insists will let heads know his verbal jabs are still sharp.


"The reason why I called the mixtape The 2nd Coming is because when I first came in the scene, I shook the ground, I had the whole industry petrified, I took a million-plus," Pap told Mixtape Daily, referring to the reportedly million-dollar recording deal he signed with Jive Records back in 2006. "This time I'm coming back, it's going to be even worse. Y'all know what I did before. See what I did; now, round two."


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